About Us

We believe that certain values which one holds close to their heart should not change. Even if it runs against the grain of societal expectations in this world where everyone lives a hurried life. We are traditionalists at heart, and we like to keep things simple.


We believe that it calls for a lot of grit and strength to be consciously happy in our hurried world. A little mindfulness is what we all need to pause, breathe and take stock of all that is around us. This time allows us to reflect if the things we are currently busy with keeps our soul contented.


Stellan is Scandinavian and it means “calm”. Just like the Scandinavian values, we believe in equality, human rights, democracy, trust and happiness. It’s always humans first with a nonjudgmental acceptance that every human is unique. 


The Scandinavian design is simple, cool and elegant. It represents the Nordic ideology that a good design helps human thrive. A good design should also be affordable and accessible to all. These values have become the fundamentals of our designs.


Paciano means “peaceful”. It is also a small town in the Italian region Umbria with a population of less than 1000. Paciano is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. We love it for its simplicity.


Stellan Paciano is built from the heart. We truly believe in our products. We believe that good products should form a deep connection with human. Other than looking beautiful, truly great products should be able to express the values within us.